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Used Nitric Acid Plant, Surplus Nitric Acid Plant

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For over 30 years, Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co., L.P. has been buying and selling used and surplus process equipment and complete plants for re-location throughout the world. LCEC also offers investment recovery and appraisal services for your used or idle chemical, process equipment and complete plants.
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Used Nitric Acid Plant, Surplus Nitric Acid Plant
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280 TPD Nitric Acid Plant
Manufacturer: C & I Girdler Capacity: 280TPD Nitric Acid Description:Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co., L.P. is offering a 280 TPD nitric acid plant for sale. Nitric acid is produced by ammonia oxidation process (AOP). The design capacity of the plant is 280 TPD. The plant consistently produced 280 TPD. Technology: C & I. Girdler Product: 55% Nitric Acid; Feedstock: Liquid Ammonia Year built: 1967 Year shut down: August 2003 Type of control system: Pneumatic The plant produces 55% nitric acid. The reaction gases are cooled by a waste heat boiler, which produces 300-psi steam, and subsequent heat exchangers. With cooling, the nitrogen oxide rich gas stream reacts with additional oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide (NOx), which is then absorbed in water in the absorber tower to form nitric acid. The waste gases are subsequently heated, mixed with natural gas (methane) and passed through a catalytic combustor to reduce the nitrogen oxides (NO/NOx) to nitrogen (N2). The hot gases from this reaction are passed through the expander portion of the air compressor unit to allow for recovery of heat as compressor driving energy. Before final release of the cooled tail gases to the atmosphere, the gas stream passes through a treated water heater and economizer unit to heat the incoming treated boiler feed water. The entire series of process operations are accomplished at approximately 110 to 115 -phi pressure. The plant is in excellent condition Major Equipment: 1. Compressor: The compressor is Ingersol Rand model CVM-4FIC centrifugal compressor driven by a steam turbine. 2. It has extended absorption columns (two) to reduce NOx emission and improved recovery Utility & feed stock consumption: Ammonia 290 kg./tonne of acid, Yield 93% Condensate 470 kg/tonne @ 82oC Import steam 644 kg/tonne @ 15.5 bar and 203oC Electricity 69 kwh/tonne (incl cooling tower circulation & fans) Pt/Pd/Rh consumption 0.34 grams/ tonne Cooling water consumption 150 gpm (depends on water quality, evaporation rate, etc.) Condensate make up to 22 gpm Absorption tower Gauze Campaign 2,100 hours (typical) UPGRADES & IMPROVEMENTS . A new boiler installed in November 2001. It has had only two gauze campaign since installation Compressor Overhaul. First Stage Air compressor. Replaced rotor, bearings, etc. Also replaced coupling between Low and High Case and hub on expander end. July 18, 1994. . 141C14B (Second stage air compressor). Changed rotor, all seals and laby seals, replaced east journal bearings. Feb. 1, 1995. . 141CD14A (expander). Replaced active thrust and west journal bearings. July 18, 1994 . Replaced rotor, active thrust bearings and couplings on Jan 1990. . 141CD14B (steam turbine) Replaced inactive and active thrust bearings on Nov. 29/01 . Replaced rotor, both journal bearings and active thrust pads on July 18/94

375 MTPD Nitric Acid Plant
Manufacturer: Pintsch Bamag Process
Capacity: 375 MTPD Nitric Acid Plant
Description: 375 TPD Nitric Acid Plant was designed by Bamag (similar to UHDE) using single medium pressure @ 4.5 BAR. In 1990 there was a major revamp increasing the nameplate capacity from 250 TPD to 375 TPD with the addition of a Rhone-Pooulenc high efficiency absorber column, R-P Nox catalyst system and new digital automation system. GHH air compressor and expander. NOx emissions less than 150ppm.

425 TPD Nitric Acid Plant
Manufacturer: Weatherly
Capacity: 425 - TPD - Nitric Acid Plant
Description: This plant is a 425 TPD Nitric Acid Plant that Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co recently acquired for resale at the PCS Nitrogen site in Geismar, LA. This is the sister plant that was originally designed by D.M. Weatherly in 1970 at a capacity of 300 TPD. It is a high monopressure plant that produces 58% nitric acid. However with the addition of a suction blower and an additional extended absorption column that plant is able to produce 425 TPD. Also, there is a number if spare parts including spare rotors for the compressor train. Procces Description: Air is filtered then blown into the air compressor with a suction blower that raises the pressure to the air compressor to 20 PSIA. Air is then compressed up to 135 PSIA with a two stage Allis Chalmers centrifugal air compressor. The air is then filtered again through a discharge air filter then mixed with ammonia, which is then reacted across a 50-inch platinum gauze to create Nox. The gas is then cooled through a heat train where the heat is recovered for energy to drive the hot gas expander and the remaining heat is used to generate steam. The Nox gas is then cooled through a cooling water exchanger then fed sequentially through two absorption towers. The first absorption tower has cooling on each of the trays with cooling water coils and the second tower has refrigerated cooling on each of the trays. Tail gas from the second absorber is then heated up through three exchangers and then passed through a non-selective catalytic reduction (NSCR) process to reduce the Nox concentration below 200 ppm. Methane or a fuel stream with hydrogen can be used to fuel the NSCR abatement system. Gas from Nox abatement system is then sent to a Worthington hot gas expander which supplies the majority of the energy to drive the air compressor. Supplemental drive energy for the air compressor is supplied with a 3000 hp Worthington steam turbine. ROTATING EQUIPMENT DATA Worthington 300 hp Condensing Steam Turbine Serial Number 25692 Air Compressor Allis Chalmers Model VC-905 Serial Number 1152-1840-2 Expander Worthington 5675 hp Gas Expander Turbine Serial Number 25690 PCS #2 Nitric Acid Equipment List Combuster 226 Area Sump Pump 121PU017 Ammonia Filter 209 Air Filter 206 Air Filter 206B Converter 212 Turbine Gas Heater 213 Steam Separator 214B Ammonia Air Mixer 211 Primary Steam Accumulator 214A Waste Heat Exchanger 214 Air Preheater Tail Gas Preheater 220 Tail Gas Heater 215 Platinum Filter 225 Mist Sep 219 Blowdown Drum 117B Area Sump Tank 229 Area Sump Pump 229A Caustic Pump 240A & B Caustic Storage Tank 239 Cooler Condenser 216 Weak Acid Separator Tank 217 Weak Acid Pumps 230 & 230A Primary Absorber Tower 218A New Product Pumps 213-1 & 2 Sample Tray 234 Secondary Absorber Tower 218 New Transfer Pumps 213-3 & 4 Bleacher 184 Bleach Air Cooler 184-A 121PU017 H202 Pump 121PU018 H202 Pump Bleach Air Cooler 184-A Air Filter 201 Blower 201A Steam Separator 231 Suction Air Filter 202B Steam Turbine 203B Air Compressor 202 Gas Turbine 203A BFW Heater 233 Exhaust Stack 221 Surface Condenser 204 Condensate Pumps 205A & B Steam Ejector 204A Air Ejector Condenser 204B NH3 Off Gas Superheater 208 Off Gas Separator 238 Accumulator 112B LP Waste Heater Boiler 117 Governor 203C Steam Turbine 203B Lube Oil Filters

700 MTPD Nitric Acid Plant
Plant Type: Nitric Acid Manufacturer: D. M. Weatherly Capacity: 700 MTPD Nitric Acid Description: The Nitric unit was designed by D. M. Weatherly, built in 1986, shut down in 2003, with a name plate capacity of 700 metric tons per day nitric acid, 100% base. Product concentration is 60%. The technology is based on high and single pressure, at 170 psig in the entire system from burner and in the absorption sections. The plant has an Ingersoll compressor, dual cases, low case and high case, with Ingersoll recovery Expander turbine. Compressor is driven by a steam turbine with total condensation. Total steam turbine power is 5.1 MW. Plant waste heat boiler produces 600 psig, saturated steam and steam turbine is using the same steam with relatively the same conditions. Plant has only one absorption column which, as per original design suppose to use regular cooling water in the bottom portion of the column and refrigerated water in the top section. Design cells for a tail gas NOx content of less than 200 ppm

Used Nitric Acid Plant, Surplus Nitric Acid Plant
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Used Nitric Acid Plant, Surplus Nitric Acid Plant
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